New DTB Professional Series YBB L - W 29" - 23oz (-6) Yellow Birch Wood Bat

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 NOTE: THIS BAT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN BIRCH. This is a bat for the younger player that desires a larger barrel and also comes with a larger sweet spot!    Comparable to their aluminum bat, the YBB is an excellent metal to wood transition and the largest barreled youth bat available on the DTB product line. This Youth model can be ordered in lengths from 26”-31”.

Specifications:  This bat comes with a conventional 2" knob, a 29/32” handle with a fast taper to a 2 9/16” barrel.  Bats have cupped ends when necessary to create optimum balance & weight differential.  All youth bats come in a weight between a -4 to a -6 ounces.

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