ESPORTA Wash System

Kleen 'n' Hard Sports Esporta Wash System is #1 as it kills 99.9999% (basically 100%) of Staph, MRSA, Coronavirus bacteria throughout the padding then washes it away without damaging the gear and it smells great!

We use a 4 stage process of detergents, sanitizers and a real fresh fragrance at the end. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Pressed for time? Not a problem. 24 hour turnaround time. Contact us for availability.

“Kleen ‘n’ Hard Sports helped us to solve a stench problem at the high school when players stored their hockey gear there after morning practices. The cleaned equipment smelled great and the service was excellent.”  John Butler, Former Head Hockey Coach, Marlboro H.S., Assistant Coach, Junior Bruins (USPHL)
John Butler Team Staff Profile - Elite Prospects
“Prior to using Kleen ‘n’ Hard Sports we had lost key players to staph infections 4 out of the previous 5 years. I am very excited to have Kleen ‘n’ Hard Sports as a partner to help us keep our athletes safe and on the ice to win hockey games!”  Paul Pearl, Former Head Coach, Holy Cross Men’s Ice Hockey
Paul Pearl Named Head Coach of Cushing Academy Boys Hockey | News | Cushing  Academy


Testimonials from our Valued Customers: 

“I have tried everything to clean my hockey equipment and I came back to Kleen ‘n’ Hard Sports because it’s the only thing that works really well."     - Mike Ogar 

“I washed my hockey gear in our home washing machine and my wife said “Never again! The next few loads I did smelled like stinky hockey equipment!” I am happy to return to Kleen ‘n’ Hard Sports for their professional grade cleaning.” - Dave Pietropaoulo


Esporta Front

 Proudly cleaning Babson College hockey since 2014 

Smells fresh and awesome!



Full Player Set
(helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, jock, shin pads, skates, bag)
Standard Cleaning +1
(helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, jock, shin pads, skates or bag)
Standard Cleaning
(helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, jock, shin pads)
Goalie Gear  
Full Set (does not include leg pads)
(helmet, glove, blocker, arm & body, pants, jock, skates, bag)
Youth / Jr Leg Pads (up to 31.5") $29.95
Senior Leg Pads (32"+) $39.95
Standard Set
(helmet, shoulder pads)
Full Set
(helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, pant pads, cleats)


Full Player or Goalie Set
(helmet, shoulder pads, elbow/arm pads, gloves, jock, cleats & bag)

Standard Player or Goalie Set 
helmet, shoulder pads, elbow/arm pads, gloves, jock)

Catchers Set (helmet, chest protector, glove, jock, shin guards, cleats, bag) $44.95
Batting Helmet w/out Facemask $11.95
Batting Helmet With Facemask $12.95
Sliding Shorts $5.95
Cleats $11.95

Do you have other soft goods that need cleaning? We are equipped to handle a wide range of cleaning services. Contact us for more information.