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Equipment Cleaning, Sanitizing & Deodorizing

Using The Esporta Wash System

Have us clean your hockey equipment now, before bacteria , mildew, mold and odors grow in it over the summer     

Hockey, Lacrosse and Football Moms Love it !  

Fresh, clean smelling sports gear in your car and home while keeping your athlete safe !

Even teens and senior players love it ! 

 Keep Safe from nasty staph and MRSA infections

MRSA is a strain of staph bacteria that is resistant to the broad spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat staph infections. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that, in 2005, MRSA caused an estimated 94,000 infections and 18,650 deaths.

Open Staph MRSA On Leg MRSA On Cheek
Learn More About The Serious Dangers Of MRSA & Staph

Staph & MRSA bacteria is no longer isolated to hospitals but is now commonly present in the community. Studies have shown that over 30% of people have Staph colonizing in their nose!

How to stay safe: The CDC recommends that sports equipment be cleaned and sanitized regularly, that cuts and abrasions be covered and that players not share towels or equipment. Athletes should also shower immediately after games and practices. Kleen 'n Hard Sports' wash system kills 99.9999% of staph/MRSA bacteria deep into the padding of protective sports equipment.


Kleen 'n Hard Sports' Esporta Wash System is #1 as it kills 99.9999% of staph and MRSA bacteria deep into the padding without damaging the equipment. Our patented mesh bags with compartments for each piece of equipment and wash chambers protect the equipment while running through a 2 hour, 4 stage process of detergents, sanitizers and a nice fresh fragrance cycle. After the extract cycle the gear is then dried overnight, under fans, within the mesh bag. Leather palms of gloves come out nice and soft.

WARNING ! Don't waste your money on ozone based cleaning systems. You'll be needing another cleaning in no time. If our Esporta Wash System left 1 particle of bacteria in the equipment, the ozone systems would leave 30,000 !  That's the difference between 99.9999% and 97% effectiveness. These figures are from independent lab testing on both systems.

Kleen 'n Hard Sports
Joe Thornton
Former Bruins Captain
Joe Thornton underwent elbow surgery and missed 2 weeks of the season with an elbow infection he acquired from having a cut in the skin and unsanitary elbow pads. That's why Joe endorses our Esporta Wash System. Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Mikhail Renberg aggravated a blister on his hand when tying his skates which then became heavily infected. Doctors discussed amputating his hand to save his life before getting the infection under control. Tragically, Lycoming College football player, Rickey Lannetti died as a result of MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which did not get treated in time.

"Esporta is the only thing that I trust to work for me. I've had troublesome Staph infections in the  past and Esporta is the only method I trust to remove all the bacteria out of my equipment."

Honestly, despite the wonderful health benefits of our service, most people get it done to solve the problem of smelly hockey gear in the car and the house. We truly have 100% customer satisfaction. Here is one true story:

Terry Bonneau & Son T
Director - Mid-State Hockey House League
"The Walter Gretzky Esporta cleaning system exceeded all my expectations. Before the cleaning, my equipment had a special place...outside. After one cleaning I left my equipment in our living room and my wife didn't even notice! I recommend you get your equipment cleaned at Kleen 'n Hard Sports."

See What Others Say About The Esporta Wash System •

Team Cleaning Discounts

8 or more equipment bags and we'll give you 15% off the cleaning price and provide a pick up & delivery service at a $5/bag charge.

Individuals Can Save With Our Cleaning Packages
(Click above link for details)

Regular Cleaning Prices
Full Player Set
(helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, jock, shin pads, skates, bag)
Standard Cleaning +1
(helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, jock, shin pads, skates or bag)
Standard Cleaning
(helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, jock, shin pads)
Goalie Gear  
Full Set (does not include leg pads)
(helmet, glove, blocker, arm & body, pants, jock, skates, bag)
Youth Leg Pads $24.95
Senior Leg Pads $34.95
Standard Set
(helmet, shoulder pads)
Full Set
(helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, pant pads, cleats)
Player or Goalie Set
(Full equipment including cleats & bag)
Catchers Set $24.95
Batting Helmet w/out Facemask $9.95
Batting Helmet With Facemask $12.95
Sliding Shorts $5.95
Cleats $9.95

$ave With Our Cleaning Packages

Save $ with our Cleaning Packages!

Cleaning Packages Kleen 'n Hard Sports
Cleaning Packages
Cost Per
Cost Per
Worcester Sharks The Hat Trick - pre-pay for 3
full hockey cleanings & Save $20 (no expiration date!)
$149.85 $127 $49.95 $42.33
Esporta The Great Gretzky- pre-pay for 4 full hockey cleanings $ Save $40 (no expiration date) $199.80 $152 $49.95 $38
  Team Cleaning Discount
8+ Team bags
& receive 15%
off and we'll provide a pickup & delivery service at a $5/bag charge. If you have 4-5 bags, call us, we'll make it work.

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